Works on Paper

For one year—beginning in April 2020—artists Rahel Zoller and Louis Porter undertook a mail art project entitled, Works on Paper. The rules of this project were never precisely established, although each of the works examines in some way society’s relationship with paper.

Amongst a variety of other items the project contains price tags, toilet paper, jigsaw puzzles, envelopes, newspaper, scratch cards, books, calling cards, paper bags, a will, napkins, raffle tickets, calendars, sandpaper, receipts, letters, a parking fine, carbon paper, postcards, hotel notepaper, photographs, edible rice paper, certificates, a clock face, puzzles, blotting paper, glassine, photocopies, security paper, a census, cardboard, graph paper, banknotes, a fortune teller’s calling card and an oversized novelty cheque. This limited-edition artists’ box containing 19 facsimiles and re-workings of several items in the project as well as a catalogue and a poster was produced in an edition of 50 copies.

Dimensions: 365mm x 255mm
Screen printed greyboard box 19 books, letters, facsimiles, photogravure print, etc
B2 full colour poster
Year: 2023

Edition of 50 

*Acquired by Artists’ Books Tate Library Collection, PrintRoom, Rotterdam, Miriam Gallery New York, Centre for Book Arts New York, De Kunstenbibliotheek Ghent, Hyundai Museum of Kids’ Books and Art - MOKA and Das Kunstbuch Archive in Vienna.