The Inner Monologue
of a Book

The Inner Monologue of a Book is a concept that tries to behold the state of the codex from a unique perspective. The monologue reads the thoughts of a book, as it contemplates whether the codex will survive in its traditional form or whether the e-book, its younger relative, will take its place. These are the reflections of a self-aware book, who looks back on the great triumphs that bound paper and text have achieved over the centuries.

The booklet is part of the Booklet Library collection in Tokyo, the Museum of the Manuscripts of Mont-Saint-Michel in France, the Research Centre for Artists’ Publications in Weserburg Bremen Germany and at the archive at MACBA in Barcelona, Spain.

Pages: 8
Dimensions: 140 x 210mm
Printing: First edition printed digital, second edition printed offset
Binding: Three-hole pamphlet stitch 
Language: English
Year: 2012

Edition of 232. (Out of Print)
Second edition of 323.