ABC Stampa is a homage to Ulises Carrión’s collectively produced but unfinished The Stampa Newspaper. As with Carrión’s original artists were invited to contribute a design for a rubber stamp and to mark where on a sheet of newspaper paper they would like their stamp to be placed. As a result, two or more artists could request the same space, therefore inviting chance and coexistence to also be collaborators on the project. My contribution was a stamp to mark the newspaper as “Defective Copy”.


ABCEUM re-imagines the museum as a book installation. Each room in the museum is a print-on-demand artist’s book of a different size and material. Composed of twenty-two self-published publications in the first edition of 2014 and twenty-seven in the second edition of 2022.

For the Library of Artistic Print on Demand archive ABCEUM opened a “new wing” of four new publications that have been added to the museum, with the additional departments of Janitor’s Closet by David Schulz, Souvenirs by George Gibson, Preservation by Claudia de la Torre, Archival Provenance Authentication Section by Arnaud Desjardin, and Bookkeeping by Rahel Zoller.

“Today, the museum is made from what was once its marginalia. Comprised mainly of spaces that are not the galleries themselves, it has inflated its operations and stretched its parameters, respondent to social and economic pressures alike. In the 24/7 culture of presentness, it has become a museum on demand—a non-stop institution, with culture on tap.” (Duncan Wooldridge)

ABC Assembly, 2021

ABC Assembly is an experiment in collective book production conducted at the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center - Ramallah, Palestine. Members of ABC, guest curator Alaa Mansour and invited artists were asked to submit images and texts to a "manual of self-organisation” divided into six chapters decided by vote, after a web search for "tips on how to self-organise".

During the exhibition the chapters were printed on an office printer installed in the gallery and operated remotely. At the conclusion of the exhibition the pages were bound together and the project made available as a print-on-demand facsimile publication, available here.

ABC Proposals for Paris

Inspired by the Situationist’s 1955 text, Proposals for Rationally Improving the City of Paris, ABC Proposals for Paris invited members of the Cooperative to envisage a public art project for the city, to be presented as part of a series of bound postcards. Like most ABC projects the theme was very much open to interpretation.

Postcards: 22
Dimensions: 148 x 105mm
Print: Digital offset
Binding: Perfect bound

Available in an edition of 100. 

ABC Post

Modern (PRINTING) Errors – Madonna and Child, Red & Black Engraved Omitted.

ABC Post is a collaborative project developed by the members of the Artists’ Books Cooperative in the month of May 2020. During the global health crisis we are looking for meaningful ways to reach out to family, friends, colleagues and the visitors we are missing at book fairs being cancelled this year. For this project we started a postcard campaign, with each member producing a design for a print on demand stamp.

Stamp sheets: 18
Dimensions: 170 × 120mm 
Print on Demand 
Binding: Loose sheets

ABC Days

An Attempt at an Inventory of the Tactile Encounters with Paper Items by Me in the Course of the Third of July Two Thousand and Twenty* produced as part of ABC Days, a one month publishing project organised by Wil van Iersel.

ABC Days is a collaborative project between the ABC Artists' Books Cooperative and invited guests. Each artist choose a day between June 11th – July 8th and on that day made and uploaded a pdf book to the website ABC Days. The theme was entirely open. ABC Days has been made possible by a grant from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

*Inspired by Georges Perec’s Attempt at an Inventory of the Liquid and Solid Foodsfuff Ingurgitated by Him in the Course of the Year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Four.

Flick through my book here.


An educational guide by ABC artists with contributions by Eric Doeringer, Oliver Griffin, Mishka Henner, Dawn Kim, Tanja Lažetić, Jonathan Lewis, John Maclean, Louis Porter, Wil van Iersel, Duncan Wooldridge and Rahel Zoller.

Pages: 320  
Dimensions: 216 × 279mm 
Printing: Print on Demand 
Binding: Perfect bound

Publication available in an open edition here.

ABC (Means Business)

The Artists’ Books Cooperative has long thrived on challenging relationships to work and expectations within the art world. Here as a collective project each artist has allocated themselves a job role within the organization, and produced their own business card. These are sometimes given away as individual portable artworks. A small number of complete sets are also made available. 

Business Cards: 16
Dimensions: 85 × 55mm 
Print on Demand 
Binding: Loose cards